The season of Resurrection

Easter Day at St Mark’s began ‘early in the morning’. People started gathering in the courtyard while it was still dark. The sombre mood of Holy Week and Good Friday was lifted by the greeting we shared:

“He is risen!”        “He is risen indeed!”

A fire was lit, and, as the chairs were set out in rows and coffee prepared, the smell of grilled fish filled the air! Bundled up against the slight chill, people sat with their faces eagerly turned towards where the sun would eventually appear over the Tygerberg Hills. We sang and prayed, and then shared bread and wine – just as Jesus and the disciples did the night before he died. Then we each took a morsel of hot fish and remembered the ‘braai’ that Jesus prepared for them on the beach after his resurrection (John 21:9)!

Later, people brought flowers – symbols of new life, a ‘spiritual spring’ – and we placed them in the cross that on Good Friday had held the nails of Christ’s suffering and sacrifice.

Much like the disciples, we are overjoyed and, at the same time mystified, by this thing called ‘resurrection’. So the season of Easter is more than just a day – Jesus spent 40 days appearing to the disciples, comforting them, showing them his wounds, breathing the Holy Spirit into them and encouraging them in their mission – to be witnesses of God’s love to the ends of the earth. After 40 days he ascended to heaven promising the power of the Holy Spirit. They would wait patiently for ten more days…

New eyes, new heart, new world – this sermon series which is taking place in the evenings on Sundays through the month of April, is encouraging us to look for the signs of resurrection that surround us. Catch up with the sermon series, as well as other sermons that have been recorded here.  You can also read the different stories of the resurrection in the Bible – you will find them at the very end of each gospel. During this season of new beginnings

What are you discovering about God?
What is being ‘re-born’ within you?
How is your view of the world being transformed?


Annelies gave us permission to share some of her thoughts on seeing with new eyes:

“Last Sunday’s sermon (8th April, on Seeing signs and wonders with new eyes) reminded me of a little poem I wrote in June 2016 as I sat looking out of my dining room window early one morning.

I mentioned it to Richard and he asked if I would share it with the congregation on Sunday 15 April. I call it:

Early morning reflections on a glorious day


Through my window I can see

the dawning day is going to be..



My garden is as yet in shade

but the rising sun just up the way, is



The trees are lit a glowing bright

with every shade of green delight..



On gentle breezes blowing by

the singing birds take to the sky..


in the Joy and Love of Life.


Thank you Lord for all I see

a precious gift from You..

to me.

Then, on Tuesday, I sat looking out of the same window. The small shrubs, plants and grass are now all dry and yellowed as they struggle with the drought. But the trees, with deep roots to underground water, are still green and vibrant and filled with singing birds.

As I looked, it struck me that we should be like those trees.

We must send our roots deep into the Living Waters provided by Jesus, Our Lord. Then we too, can stand firm and vibrant as we experience and share God’s everlasting Love and Joy and Hope.

Even when times are tough.

What an amazing gift He offers us. Our God is Awesome!

Thank you, Lord.”                                                                 (Annelies Manson)

We give thanks to God for the living water, so freely available.
May we be inspired to make the Resurrection our defining story, as we too wait patiently for the season of the Spirit!

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