What’s on at St Mark’s

In the spirit of St Mark the Gospel writer and church planter, we are a community that is aware of God’s love reaching out to us, but we also try to allow God’s love to reach through us into the world.

Worship and community life continue through the St Mark's Facebook Group and the weekly St Mark's news email. Sunday services are also in-person at 9.30 am each week. Please phone 021 558 9295 to book your seat to join us!

We give thanks for God's great love. May we remain beacons of hope and light through our united (yet individual) and continued disciplines of prayer and worship, care and generosity to each other and any who need it.

The work of God through the body of Christ continues as we show God's love through our service and giving. The Daily Rhythm Devotional Diary and the Bible Study notes which get sent out each week via email provide resources for individual and small group study. Thank you for your continued giving using the banking details at the bottom of the webpage. We also collect food items at the church to provide food parcels for those in need. Check the weekly email for other opportunities to serve and worship.

God's love reaching out to us. God's love reaching out through us.

Ministries at St Mark’s

In order to feel more at home at St Mark’s why not take the plunge and get involved! Join a small group or offer to serve in any of the many ministries on the go at St Mark’s. Keep an eye on the weekly notice bulletin for opportunities to use the gifts that God has given you!

Sunday’s worship services require a team effort, and you would be a welcome addition to any of the following rosters:

Door stewards; Communion stewards; Audio-Visual team; Worship team; Kids’ Church and Teen Church volunteers.

St Mark’s Methodist also contributes to several outreach projects in the area:


  • Sandwich Saints (schools feeding scheme)
  • Kairos/Torch (prisons ministry)
  • Little Lambs (Christian pre-schools)
  • The Amy Foundation
  • Hospital Visitation
  • Care Packages
  • The Homeless Feeding Scheme

Contact St Mark's


St Mark's Methodist Church Edgemead

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19 Langkloof Way & Woodlands Rd


Cape Town


Church Office

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Monday - Friday 9am - 1pm

021 558 9295



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MCSA St Mark’s

First National Bank

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Branch Code – 200410

Account Number – 62113638970